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Like my writing, this post happened spontaneously. I had no plan to write one but it just happened, and as I write it it’s not coming out exactly the way I thought it would. If you are reading this and are a writer yourself, you know what I am talking about. But, I have to try to get back to my original thought, after all writing and blogging are partly the result of a tacit commitment that writers make, which then, one day, turns into a blog like this one.

I had started writing this post a few days ago, because, as a typical writer, the overwhelming issues in my life turned themselves into a monologue, but I never got down to writing them down. The moment passed. Something distracted in that window of inspiration, and although I remembered what it was that I wanted to say, I didn’t feel compelled to put it in words anymore. However, as I had begun this post, something prevented me from deleting it and it has remained open since then, from a few days ago. Every time I open my laptop, I see this open page like an unfinished building. It bothers me. So, to put this unfinished project behind me, I decided to populate the page a little, save it, publish it.

It is funny that my desire to reconnect with the world had made me start this blog afresh and rename it. But since then, I went deeper into my book-length fiction that has consumed me totally; when I am not working on it (which is most of the time), I am worrying about it. The withdrawal, then, that I meant to balance with this blog, has become more complete, and I did not post anything for the past few months. During that time I have often thought about this blog. Part of me has wanted to put up a new post.



About compulsive scribe

I am tired of listening to others who have made it, not because I lack the ability to live vicariously, but because I think we can learn as much, if not more, from those who havn't 'made it' and may never do so. And, what's more it could be a lot more fun!
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