this is a commendable effort to translate old Hindustani film songs, which were compelling for the profundity of their lyrics primarily but also for their melody and rendition

Mr. & Mrs. 55 - Classic Bollywood Revisited!

In my opinion, I think one of the best parts about being a fan of old Hindi music is that it gives you a fun opportunity to brush up on your Urdu-Hindi language skills. From time to time, Mrs. 55 and I have decided that we will share some of our favorite song lyrics here and provide a glossary and translation so that everyone can follow along!

Our first song is “chalo ek baar phir se,” which is an absolute gem from the 1963 film Gumraah directed by B.R. Chopra. Arguably the best song of his career, this composition was rendered by Mahendra Kapoor, an excellent singer who ultimately carved a niche for himself in the industry after emerging from his initial fame as a Mohammed Rafi clone. The real star here, though, is Sahir Ludhianvi, who was truly one of the most gifted poets that has…

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A writer’s blog

Like my writing, this post happened spontaneously. I had no plan to write one but it just happened, and as I write it it’s not coming out exactly the way I thought it would. If you are reading this and are a writer yourself, you know what I am talking about. But, I have to try to get back to my original thought, after all writing and blogging are partly the result of a tacit commitment that writers make, which then, one day, turns into a blog like this one.

I had started writing this post a few days ago, because, as a typical writer, the overwhelming issues in my life turned themselves into a monologue, but I never got down to writing them down. The moment passed. Something distracted in that window of inspiration, and although I remembered what it was that I wanted to say, I didn’t feel compelled to put it in words anymore. However, as I had begun this post, something prevented me from deleting it and it has remained open since then, from a few days ago. Every time I open my laptop, I see this open page like an unfinished building. It bothers me. So, to put this unfinished project behind me, I decided to populate the page a little, save it, publish it.

It is funny that my desire to reconnect with the world had made me start this blog afresh and rename it. But since then, I went deeper into my book-length fiction that has consumed me totally; when I am not working on it (which is most of the time), I am worrying about it. The withdrawal, then, that I meant to balance with this blog, has become more complete, and I did not post anything for the past few months. During that time I have often thought about this blog. Part of me has wanted to put up a new post.


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celebrating my disasters

Just blew up an interview…thank god

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my cat doing his version of occupying (the laundry basket) in this case

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salad days

Life is like spinach leaves, but with a warm egg, bacon bits and mayo dip, it can be a salad

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Soul seduction: my top creativity and inspiration boosters

I mentioned towards the end of my last post on this page that mental strength is important for writers. When life penetrates the armour of fanaticism and reason takes over, a strong mind is all that stands between destruction and our faith. Nevertheless, while mental strength helps us persevere, great writing needs to come from within with ‘elemental force’ to quote Nietzsche’s ubermenchen (bad English translation: superman) Goethe. The following, then is my list of tried and tested means of soul seduction:

Jogging, (no. 2 after reading)

Inconvenience: just when I am nicely warmed up at the end of the first kilometre and am actually looking forward to the next few, inspiration strikes  


this is great to keep the jadedness away and provides new material

Inconveniences: you lose control, however, that is also necessary at times as it turns us into a child. If one is a good traveller, the natural curiosity can also induce child-like states of mind and push past the jadedness

Costs money. For those who cannot afford the dream trip on a cruise liner or to the tropics, the local bus and subway/metro are useful too to refresh the mind.

Long walks,

take a pen and paper

inconvenience: more a downside; they don’t always work as the mind is still too active for inspiration to strike

Reading (always works),

I will soon create an exclusive page for writing

inconvenience: you need to know what to read. Reading has a powerful impact on me and knowing what to read requires years of reading, confusion, contemplation and ultimately finding yourself, that makes it easier to know what to read. Another way, a kind of shortcut, is to stick to the classics. 


The best part about these is that you can take your laptop and actually write in one of these


it can get tiring sometimes, especially if the need to be alone strikes

Night clubs 

great place to observe people. Very stimulating. You will need a smart phone

inconvenience: inspiration might strike when you are in the middle of making your move


It works well, like jogging

inconvenience: very fine line between getting rid of mental noise and getting intoxicated . And unreliable; too many variables involved in getting it right. I still do it thought, sometimes out of sheer boredom or habit. It is harder not to do it than to do it.

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