So today I am feeling very low after two straight days of writing, from morning to evening. I started a new blog, this one, and populated it with fresh posts that I spent hours writing. Then I tried looking online to find places to send my work to be published and then I wrote for those online publications. And then, yesterday, I decided I will go to my favourite cafe and write and edit my stuff all day, and after making that exciting decision, I slept peacefully. I got up in the morning and started writing for a competition instead. And then I got promptly depressed. Maybe I have exhausted myself. Maybe the lack of recognition is getting to me.

So for all those writers out there who are facing their fears every day, like me, along with an absent social life, lack of money and unemployment, what do I do when I feel like this.

Well I start writing again. And, then, I make myself a nice cup of espresso, and then in order to relax and get prepared for another onslaught on the page, I slip into a bath with a vodka cocktail, a piece of paper, pencil and any one book that I feel like reading at that point.

I remind myself that the only way to be recognized as a writer is to keep writing. Don’t be worried about being good or bad but keep doing it. Sometimes I have to remind myself every day. Only the strongest of minds become writers and strength of mind can be learnt.


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